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Green Burials

A green burial is a ritual that is as harmless as possible for the environment. Green burials follow the tradition of “ashes to ashes and dust to dust,” since bodies and green caskets decompose and turn back into soil.

Caring for our environment is a respected lifestyle choice, so offering people an opportunity to celebrate a life in a way that endorses a ‘green philosophy’ is important.”

Matthew Smith, Spicer-Mullikin Owner


For our families who choose Green Burial, Spicer-Mullikin offers the following burial plan options:

  • Formaldehyde-free sanitary care
  • Dressing of the deceased (we suggest clothing made of natural fibers using renewable sources, such as wool or cotton)
  • Renewable resource casket containing no metals, plastics, or toxic chemicals of any kind
  • Direct-contact graveliner
  • Beautiful seagrass caskets

Seagrass caskets are crafted by hand from sustainable willow and from attractive seagrass rope that is woven into the willow on the sides of the casket. Each casket is fully lined with a natural, unbleached fitted cotton interior and includes a matching pillow and privacy shield. The seagrass used to produce the casket is not harvested from delicate marine environments, but rather cultivated in fields that are seasonally flooded to support the growing seagrass plant.

Spicer-Mullikin Funeral Homes received its green burial certification in October 2012.
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