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Destiny M. LaBarge

November 30, 1990 - July 22, 2020

Destiny M. LaBarge, age 29, of West Chester, PA, passed away on Wednesday, July 22, 2020.

Born in Fayetteville, NC on November 30, 1990, she was the daughter of Joan A. (DeRose) LaBarge. Destiny worked as a hostess for various restaurants throughout West Chester. She loved animals and to sing and share her beautiful voice with her family and friends. In her spare time, Destiny could often be found tending to her vegetable and flower gardens. A friend to the community, she was very involved in volunteering for many charities and organizations. Destiny will always be remembered for her compassionate and sweet nature.

In addition to her mother, Destiny is survived by her brother, James J. Mattia.

All services will be held privately.


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22 Condolences for Destiny M. LaBarge

  • Sweet angel your hands are needed in the Gardens of Eden. Dearly loved and sadly missed. You were a joy to be around. I will keep the memories of the time we spent together locked inside my heart. Your loving Aunt Nancy and Uncle Tom

  • Beautiful video for a beautiful person who left this world too soon😢So sorry for your loss. May you see her again someday. Take care of yourself Joan.

  • My sweet, sweet little Martian! You have no idea how loved you were by so many! I’m so sorry that this terrible thing defeated you. The evil in the world once again reared it’s ugly head and took control – if I could have saved you I would, Lord knows I wish I could have. This cruel cruel world took you away from us too soon and we truly lost a good. Remember being a kid and being in a world without the real life monsters and demons lurking around every corner? I’m going to miss you. Keep spreading that good spirit in the sky!! I’ll never stop loving you sweet heart. 💜💕💫

  • God-bless you destiny I know you are happy in heave. Ro

  • I enjoyed the number of your funeral arrangements collaborating with your mom making the floral arrangements creating the prayer cards the thank you notes. It was all worth it for the special day for you. It was all about you. I will never forget walking in your beautiful garden, the delicious vegetables from your garden given to me and my family.

  • I only briefly met you and you were very nice. This painstaking any mother to go through the loss of a child. Rest your soul Destiny labarge

  • On 8/24 I got to say my final good byes to my desny it was such a nice service im glad i got to attend. You will be missed soo much but im happy i got to have you as my bff for as long as i did you left me with the best memories. I love you Destiny LaBarge! Im soo sorry for your loss joan.

  • Words are never adequate for easing the pain of loss. Destiny had a kind and beautiful soul, she will be missed by all that knew her. We will carry the memories of the good times spent with her in our hearts forever.

  • I’m sorry for your loss, Joan

  • Destiny,
    Very few know how kind your soul truly is. You were your own kind of energy with a personality not from this earth and unlike any other. I was one of the lucky ones who you considered a friend and it was an honor. I can’t put into words how much you are truly missed. Your mother and I even went to sit with you to share cake with you on her Birthday, I know it meant soo much to her. I Love you kid, truth be told, there isn’t anyone like you and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. Until we meet again, may your light rise higher than the clouds and the sun itself so you can look over those who loved you the most.
    Rest easy knowing ill look over your mom too, you know we love her, not as much as you did, but close.
    Until we meet again my love. -Mari

  • Rest your soul little angel you will be miss god bless you.

  • Joan I’m so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter. You did such a great job getting the memorial service together. I loved the video and the pictures. She was beautiful!

  • My darling Daughter Destiny .Words cannot explain how much you mean to me. Thank you everyone for making this possible for me. Thanks to all my BFFs. Thank you my wonderful incredible friend Sharman for singing I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston. Baby girl DESTINY You’re incredible voice will always ring in my ear.Your sweet smile your laughter no one will forget you .Being with you is a great joy. It was an honor for me to be your mother.The horrendous phone call on July 22nd 2020. That phone call took my heart my joy my happiness away. August 2nd I could hear your voice singing along with the angels. August 16th overwhelming day full of sadness and happiness you brightened up my day. 8/16 I was able to hold you touch you and kiss you goodbye. August 17th we shared cake as usual. August 24th I was in a cloud.The Angels were hovering over me. Angels are singing it’s okay Mama. We will keep her in our loving arms until you see one another again. Destiny hears your voice. she knows you’re here. No more cries where are you Mama. Mama please help me. A special day as always for a very special girl. A celebration of your life shared with your friends and family far and near. Before you go we will take one more trip together. 9/1 A fun trip to heal our souls. The beach the sun rise. Feel the wind the ocean breeze and the sand at our feet .I love you baby girl. We will have fun at the beach. I Will Always Love You. Love mommy. 💝

  • Sorry for your loss & sadness.I know you daughter is a wonderful person. All the countless times you shared with me about your daughter Destiny. I know Destiny is in a wonderful place now. Destiny is resting her head now in a beautiful garden what a wonderful soul. You’ll never have to worry about her again. The angels are watching her now. Happy to help you Joan. What wonderful service for a wonderful child. It brings tears to my eyes for the loss of your beautiful Destiny. Take care of the cats .How is twinkles, cupcake. mr. cherry tree?Love the photo of Destiny & cupcake. Love the photo of Destiny in the vegetable garden. Your friend dr. Maury Allen New Orleans

  • You will be dearly missed Destiny, Joan you are in my Prayers

  • I was so happy to attend your church mass August 2nd 2020. I know my donation went to everything your mother needed for you and her. Everything that your mother has planned has been all about you the very special person Destiny Labarge. I know your mother created a beautiful funeral service . Wonderful Funeral Home Spicer and mullikin. I know they accommodated all your mother’s wishes. It was all about you destiny your mother adored you. May you rest your soul. God bless you Joan. What a wonderful funeral service for your little angel.
    A good friend of your mom’s richy

  • Destiny, I love you so much. My first best friend in this world, fresh out of diapers. Reuniting after some time things never changed. You could light up any room and you saved me from him! I’m gonna miss you and I still can’t seem to adjust or comprehend any of this! I LOVE YOU D! I’ll see you up there baby

  • Happy to donate to your funeral. Peace be with you. Your mom’s friend .

  • Joan,

    My caring thoughts are with you. 

    It just feels wrong that we should have to say goodbye to Destiny so early in her life. We will always miss her, but she will always be with us in the memories we keep and the love we hold for her. 

    I’ll never forget how cute and caring she was the time she insisted on being my ‘bodyguard‘ when I needed company going to meet a new client. May this and other good memories help heal your hurt.

    My deepest sympathy. Bob

  • Rest In Peace Destiny. Your mother did a great job with little she had to give you a property service. Watch over her

  • Destiny, I didn’t know you very long, but the short time I did was allot of fun and you made it very interesting. You were a beautiful young women with a unique personality like no one else I have ever met before. Sometimes you were maybe just a “little” bit to crazy for me, but that was what made the time I spent with you so memorable. You loved your family and friends. I remember driving with you while you were on the phone talking to your Mom. I could tell you were a pain in the ass, but she really cared about you allot. Then you started showing me pictures of your brother and you started crying telling me how much you loved him. I know we didn’t spend allot of time together, but the short time we did I’ll never forget. Goodbye Destiny

  • Luv yuh DD