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Jacqueline Marie Perlstein

Born: 6/11/1957
Died: 8/18/2013

Mrs. Jacqueline Marie Sims Sadel Perlstein, known fondly as Jackie, age 56, of Brookside in Newark, DE, formerly of Union City, NJ and Brooklyn, NY, passed away on Sunday, August 18, 2013.
Born in Jersey City, NJ on June 11, 1957, Jackie was the daughter of the late Jack Lee Sims and Mary (Molino) Sims. She was raised in Union City, NJ and graduated from Union City High School. During her career, her favorite job was serving for eight years as the composition manager for Global Financial Press. Following her retirement from financial printing, she and her husband, Matt, moved to Newark, DE, in 2012.
She is survived by her devoted husband, Matthew Perlstein; sons, Jason Robert Sadel, Jeremy Leo Sadel and wife Tamara, Joshua Lee Sadel and wife Jennifer; sisters, Judy Anne Adams and Gail Mary Davis and husband Alan; brothers, Robert Lee Sims and wife Robin, Guy Lee Sims, Michael Lee Sims, and Richard Lee Sims, and many nieces, nephews, great nieces, and great nephews. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her grandmother, Aida (Mariano) Molino, and brothers, Mark Lee Sims and Steven Lee Sims.
A private service will be announced to all family and friends for Wednesday, August 21st, in Brooklyn, NY.
In lieu of flowers, contributions in Jackie’s memory may be made to St. Hubert Animal Shelter, P.O. Box 159, 575 Woodland Ave., Madison, NJ 70940, where Jackie and Matt adopted their beloved Sully.


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One Condolence for Jacqueline Marie Perlstein

  • Name: Marty Keane
    Message: I am so sorry to hear of Jackie’s passing. Jackie was the nicest, fairest peron I ever met, and one of the funniest, as well. She will be missed. Even though we had not kept in touch very well since she retired I thought of her quite often.

    Matt, my heart and prayers go out to you and the three boys. I can’t even imagine how you all must be feeling right now.

    Name: Patricia Byron
    Message: I was so lucky to have counted Jackie as a good friend. She was such a wonderful, caring, loving, accepting person. Jackie loved and joked with everyone I will remember her smile, the twinkle in her eyes and that hardy laugh you knew there was nothing phony about her she was what she was and she accepted everyone for who they were she saw only good in people if a person really annoyed her, she would simply love them more to make up for it. I’ll always remember her (and Matt) at my daughter’s Block Island wedding and her gracious offer to drive me all the way back to NJ. Flying down the highway, with the top down, sun shining, wind whipping her hair, a huge smile on her face, enjoying life that was my friend Jackie.

    Name: Eileen Hunter
    Message: Jackie was a great boss and co worker but the best and sweetest friend anyone could have. I’ll miss her a lot.

    Name: Richard & Gloria Pearlstein
    Message: May Jackie’s light shine eternally and her warm memory brighten the lives of her family and friends

    Name: Rachel Cacciolo
    Message: My Deepest condolences to Jackie’s family and I will love and miss you always.

    Name: Jessica Dirks
    Message: She was a wonderful to all of us.

    Name: Jean Zuendel

    Name: Linda Hylenski

    Name: Matt Perlstein
    Message: Being that I had to get on Jackie’s Facebook page, I couldn’t help but look over every part of it over and over. I never noticed it before but somewhere in a hard to find part of her page for Favorite Quotatons, Jackie wrote “Be Happy.” Jackie loved Happy. I don’t mean a little turtle or a sled named Happy when she was a child, although she loved that, too, but all kinds of happy things, like baby ducks following their mother or people getting out of a church in wedding gear. Even if I would tell her “they’ll probably be divorced in a year” she would just tell me to shut up. I consider myself lucky and fortunate to have known her for 25 years and been with her for 20 years, including almost 13 years of marriage and that she could put up with me.

    Jackie loved heartwarming and cute funny movies. She could watch Bells of St. Mary’s, Parent Trap, any Doris Day movie so often, I even got to know most of the lines just from osmosis if I was in another room. I did watch all her movies with her once at one time or another, but I think I’ll watch one or two again soon.

    Jackie loved bears, hence her JaxBear AOL name. We have a bunch of stuffed bears. When we saw the movie Grizzly Man, that dissuaded her from wanting to get a pet grizzly bear, but not for long. Just a couple of days ago, she brought it up again. When I told her that the bear would eat you, she replied “well, what about a koala bear?”

    When we first moved to a house in Brooklyn and her then teenage sons made friends and brought them over (all of them, all the time, and loud … oops), many of them began to call her “Mom” and it seemed so natural. Jackies’ three sons Jason, Jeremy and Joshua all grew up to become good citizens and people. I’m sorry that it took me a lot longer to see that and grow up, too. I wish I could run this by Jackie to ask if I should include that like I did with some Facebook postings and notes at work, etc.

    Every night as we went to sleep we made sure to tell each other “I love you.” I’m glad those were the last words she ever heard.

    Name: Arleen Murphy
    Message: My deepest sympathies go out to Matt and to Jackie’s entire family. Jackie was a great woman and I will treasure the memories of working with her at Global Financial Press and all the times we shared outside the office. Jackie will be missed. God Bless.

    Name: Ken Pearlstein & Suzanne Hart
    Message: Please accept our deepest condolences. Jackie will be missed by us all.

    Ken and Suzanne

    Name: Michael Tomassi
    Message: Jackie, I love you. You will always hold a special place in my heart for giving me a chance at Global Financial Press. It meant so much. Maybe you will see my brother Joe, he passed last year in his sleep. I am still trying to understand that.

    Name: Arthur Pearlstein
    Message: I’m so sorry to hear the sad news. Matt, my condolences and wishes that memory of your life together will bring you radiant happiness.
    Love, Arthur

    Name: Jason Sadel
    Message: I knew she loved me but I didn’t realize how much, from seeing and hearing what other people say about her. Her compassion and patience was near infinite. She helped me a great deal with my confidence. She would always support your decisions. She helped me get through my most difficult times even when I was hesitant to let her. I would eventually give in, thanks to her patience. She has taught me how to clean, cook and calm down. I will never forget what she has done for me.

    Name: Diana Neisner Janos
    Message: Copied from Facebook posted on 8/18/13

    Although not related by blood, Jackie Perlstein was Aunt Jackie to my daughter as she was to many others. Peace to her and condolences to her family.

    Name: Tamara Ramos Sadel
    Message: Copied from Facebook posted on 8/18/13

    I couldn’t ask for a better mother in law. Thanks for being so generous and treating me as one of your own. RIP Jackie Perlstein

    Name: Rachel Marie Cacciolo
    Message: Copied from Facebook posted on 8/18/13

    RIP To a great friend for many years Jackie Perlstein

    Name: Meanie Parato
    Message: Copied from Facebook posted on 8/18/13

    Wonderful woman! My condolences. RIP Jackie

    Name: Kelly Davis
    Message: Copied from Facebook posted on 8/18/13

    Between (successfully) surviving my first year as a counselor at Camp Happy Times, and coming home to hearing news of two lives taken from us much too early, my head and heart are filled to the brim with emotions. RIP to my sweet aunt, Jackie Perlstein , always with a smile and a hug. So many memories have been running through my head, from visits from you while I was in the hospital, to countless holidays spent together, and daily (sometimes multiple in a day) phone calls. So many memories to keep in my heart, and I will miss you.

    Name: Michele Canale
    Message: Copied from Facebook posted on 8/21/13

    RIP to the most amazing women I ever knew Jackie Perlstein…You were a mom to me and never judged…you are an Angel now u had the biggest heart and loved everyone as her own…thank you for everything and being there for me when no one else was…and thank you Tamara Ramos Sadel and Jeremy Sadel and Josh and Jen for a night just like the good old days

    Name: Judy Sims Adams
    Message: Copied from Facebook posted on 9/2/13

    This is the eulogy from my sister Jackie’s funeral mass. It wasn’t read (Father forgot and did his own) but since I stayed up so late writing it, I thought I would post it. I used the biography that her sons wrote on the program with a picture of her that I got off Matt’s facebook page.

    We were all shocked to have received that phone call on the 18th that informed us of my sister Jackie’s passing. Out of the blue, we lost a loved one without a chance to prevent it or even to say good bye. Jackie died peacefully in her sleep, only 56 years old – surely way too young to slip away like that.

    The picture that I chose for us to view today is Jackie’s high school graduation picture. I think we all want to be remembered in part at the beginning – just entering adulthood, when we were young, pretty and healthy. Our whole lives in front of us, and excitement for the possibilities of that life sparkling in our eyes.

    When someone you love passes away, there is a strong temptation to remember them perhaps a little too well. Misdeeds are forgotten. Offenses are forgiven. Only the most shining characteristics of our loved ones make it into the version of them that we keep with us when they depart. This is not difficult to do with Jackie. Her demons were on display for the whole world to see, but also were her triumphs and successes. Although poor health slowed her down in the past couple of years, before that she was fearless and stormed through life. When she tripped up, she would get right back up and continue forward.

    Her love for her three sons was evident to anyone that knew her. Her favorite type of day was when she had her loved ones at the table, enjoying food and company, laughing and fighting, all at a decibel that rivaled a space shuttle taking off. She shares that passion with all of us in our family and it will be her silenced voice at the table that will be felt so hard by all of us.

    While we were growing up in Union City NJ, my sister Jackie, being the oldest girl and the one that my mother depended on the most, often was stuck babysitting the rest of us.

    Jackie would be the one in charge of the money for the tickets to the movies, and also would be the voice urging us to “walk faster” when we were trekking down the hill to Monroe park.

    For me, she was the older sister that was sometimes cranky, sometimes bossy and sometimes wise. I watched her get her first real job, her first apartment, her first boyfriend. Later on I was next to her when she married although afterwards was when we logistically parted as our paths went in different directions.

    Still, although long distance, Jackie kept in touch with news about babies, jobs, and house hunting. As we grew older she kept the generosity in her spirit, and expanded her love to include nieces and nephews, and later grand nieces and nephews. There are pictures on facebook of her holding different babies, but with a huge smile on her face as she looked down on them.

    The Sims family honors one of our own today. Our sister Jackie, whom we loved and we will miss. Thank you all for coming and helping us to say goodbye.