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Mary Louise Galanes

Born December 30, 1954

Mary Louise Galanes, age 58, of Wilmington, DE passed away on Saturday, October 26, 2013.
Born in Wilmington, Delaware on December 30, 1954, Mary was the only child of the late Peter and Louise Galanes. After receiving her bachelor’s degree from The George Washington University, School of Medicine and Health Services, she enjoyed a varied career, starting with Hercules Inc.; second, as assistant to Congressman Gore; third, as staff for the House Armed Services Committee; fourth, as an independent forensic accountant; and then lastly, working as a Nationally Registered Paramedic. A truly gifted and outstanding artist, she created many beautiful paintings and jewelry pieces, both commercially and for family and friends.
Mary, an experienced dressage equestrian, shared 27 years of marriage and her passion for horses with her beloved husband, Colin. They spent 28 ½ blissful years together – all day, every day! She was unequivocally his soulmate – and he her’s!
She is survived by her husband, Colin McKie; her half-sister, Pat Pless of Houston, TX; horses, Inn Harmony and Maltese; dogs, Cody and Mia; and her cats, Angel and Shadow.
A memorial service will be held at 11 am on Saturday, November 9, 2013, at the Spicer-Mullikin Funeral Home, 1000 N. DuPont Parkway, New Castle, DE, where friends may call from 10 am until 11 am. Interment will be held privately.
In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue, Inc. (Mary loved Ooky, her first Aussie who lived for over 17 years). Please send your check to New Spirit Treasurer, 124 Bonny Lane, Collegeville, PA 19426 or


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9 Condolences for Mary Louise Galanes

  • Mary was and still is my soul mate – we were together on this earth for 28 and a half years. In our wedding vows we promised to be together “in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, till death us do part”. We made it through the first two, but I refuse to accept the “till death us do part” bit – not now……. I am her soul mate and she is mine. I miss her totally and if I need to change the laws of the Universe, then so be it – I will be with her again.

    We were “One”, no longer two separate people who were in a union of love and commitment, but actually joined into “One”. She was “The One” for me. She was My Mary. She was My Angel. She was my rock, my supporter, my helper, my thinker, my advisor, my bastion, my lover, my best friend, my wife – – she still is my true soul mate.

    For almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ever since we met, we were together both physically and mentally. She would touch my heart with just a look or a glance. When she cried, I cried; when she laughed, I laughed; when she was happy, I was happy; when she was sad, I was sad. When she passed, part of me also passed into another realm.

    Part of “me” died at that moment in time and will never come back, just like Mary. The “me” that is left (just a shell) will go on; I will spread the word of our most wondrous love story; a love story that covers two continents, a love story that faced adversary yet continued, grew and flourished with each passing day; a love story that was never meant to be from the outset, yet grew into a story that everyone in the world should know about; a love story of 2 people who met, fell in love, then started a journey together that had highs, lows, disasters, joy, happiness and reached the ultimate point of total and pure love for each other.

    A love story that created the “One” – a merger of 2 persons destined from birth to become “One”. Two people who found each other, realized that they were soul mates and joined into eternal unity.

    Mary, I know that you can see this and I want the world to know about my love for you.

    Death will not part us; death will not separate us; death will not end the story; it is simply the beginning of the next chapter.

    Look out Mary, I gave up my career, my friends, my country, all for you – don’t think that death is going to stop me – I am coming for you and we will be together for all eternity – we will become truly united as one entity, one life, one soul – we will become whole and as “One”.

    My love is without question, complete, total and all encompassing. It is greater than the love that Jesus has for all of man (and woman) kind. It is pure love.

    Mary, I love you; I want you; I need you; Death will not keep us apart; Without you, I am nothing but a simple shell; I will be reunited with you and we shall live in the glory of whatever the afterlife is, in simple terms, in complete love and without any fears or pain. I will sacrifice anything and everything again for you; I will make that leap into the unknown for you, blindly, without knowing anything other than that you will be there waiting for me, without looking back, without regrets, willingly and with only love in my heart. I will willingly sacrifice all and everything for you – over and over again as many times as it takes to be with you – forever.

    Mary, I love you . . . . Forever!

  • My sincere sympathies for your loss. Mary and I were next door neighbors as toddlers, and then met back up in high school and cheered together. She had the most beautiful smile. Again, so sorry for your loss. Tinker

  • Such a smart, funny, and nice cousin. I loved all the jewelry she made for me and the beautiful scarf. She always talked about her horses and how much they meant to her. I will miss seeing her on Christmas.

  • Colin…I am so sorry for your loss. I know that you and Mary were very close. I got to see that first hand. My memories will remain of us being childhood neighbors playing in the snow..building snow huts and playing dress up in her dance costumes. I was fortunate to also be adult neighbors after both of our parents died. We had some good times together. My prayers are with you.

  • This is probably the last thing I expected to read. I grew up with the Galanes family. Both my sister Leta and myself knew their family well. I often would walk up and talk to Louise or Pete always inquiring about Mary Louise and her sister, the late Cheryl Wallace. Mary Louise’s parents were delightful to visit with and I know her father missed her terribly, especially after her mother died.

    Colin, I am saddened for your loss. We often wondered where Mary Louise’s path led her and it is heartwarming to learn that she led such a wonderful and rich life and that her days with you were happy ones and meaningful in every sense. With sincerity and warm regards, Donna L. Stevenson McRoy – Formerly of 821 Harwood Road, Gordy Estates.

  • Colin, I am so sorry for your loss. Mary was a lot of fun, and we enjoyed seeing her this summer at dad’s birthday party. She so adored her animals–and I know they will miss her as much as you do.

  • Colin, we send our deepest sympathy to you from across the waters. Even though we never had the good fortune to meet Mary, you always spoke of her with such deep admiration and love. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this very sad time. Penny & Justin. Cornwall, UK.

  • Colin, a part of me was with Mary also, and I didn’t even know it was there until she was gone, which I just found out. I was Mary’s ninth grade best girlfriend and, oh, the wonderful times we had! We had sleepovers where we fussed over clothes and makeup and giggled all night over boys and other adolescent things. We lost touch when I moved away after 10th grade. When I found her about 12 years ago, I flew from California to your beautiful home outside D.C. for your amazing Halloween party. Life then intervened and we lost touch again — but I always thought I would see her again. I feel her loss deeply and now grieve. I miss her as if no time had passed since we were teens together. I just read your grief-stricken, heart-rending testament to her and must tell you it scared me. Remember that, in this world, it was her time to die but it is still your time to live. It takes one step at a time, sometimes one minute — or second — at a time to get through this pain. Keep going, Colin, and bless the world with your own uniquely special talents until it’s your time. We live our lives always changing and evolving and no-one gets to stay the same. I am so sorry if I presume too much in saying all this. Just know I and others share in your anguish and wish you the eventual respite that time will bring. With Love, Terri Lynam Enlow

  • Colin,

    Thank you for the card to let me know about the passing of Mary. I will miss her very much. I rememeber the days she spent in De and when her mother got sick and then when Pete died.I have missed the Galanes and now the last of the Galanes is gone . I am so sorry, I missed her memorial service ,I just found out when I got your card. My prayers are with you that God ,will fill the void she left behind.

    Dr. Warsal