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Rebecca K. Tormen

Rebecca K. Tormen, of Newark, DE, answered The Lord’s Call and has transitioned to be with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on Thursday, January 4, 2024.

Born in Cameroon, West Africa, she was a daughter of the late Zacharia and Elizabeth Fabu. Rebecca dedicated her life to her family as a talented homemaker.

Rebecca was a woman of faith, and a member of the Presbyterian Church Fiango Central Kumba, and a member of the Christian Women Fellowship (CWF) in her native land of Cameroon. In her blessed life, she lived and spent over the last thirty two (32) years of her life in the United States with all of her surviving children. Although Rebecca went through several health challenges, she survived two (2) “Life Support” ailments, which earned her the ultimate name “Miracle Woman” by her physicians at the Christiana Hospital in Delaware.

In addition to her parents, Rebecca was preceded in death by her husband, Batholomew K. Tormen; and children, Ngassa Tormen, Lucas Tormen, George Tormen, Matthew Tormen, and Gregory Tormen. She is survived by her children, and adopted children: Joseph Tormen (Mary Nana), Richard Tormen (Mary Tormen, of Late), Francis Tormen (Celine Ayuk), Emmanuel Tormen, Florence Tormen, Samuel Tormen (Evelyn Martin), Joana Nongni, Stella Achu, and Elizabeth Ndanga; sister, Elizabeth Etti; brother, Philip Njome Fabu; 25 grandchildren; and 6 great-grandchildren.

A visitation for family and friends will be held from 3 pm until 5 pm on Saturday, March 9, 2024, at Spicer-Mullikin Funeral Home, 275 East Main Street, Middletown, DE, where a funeral service will begin at 5 pm. Interment will be held at a later date in the Tormen Family Cemetery in Cameroon, West Africa.


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9 Condolences for Rebecca K. Tormen

  • Ma’ Nyabou!
    Did you see Mami Nj? Did you see Daddy? I hope so! You all are reunited in heaven.
    Rest in peace sweet mother, I will miss your jokes, stories and recollections of the past .
    May we continue your efforts to keep us united as a family.
    Adieu Nchu’ntoh love you always🙏🏼🙏🏼

    Your niece Elizabeth Tchwenko Fabu

  • Aunty Rebe,

    Rest well aunty. You finished your work on earth, and you are now resting. I will miss you mami Nianga.

  • 💫🙏🏽💫 I extend my love and deepest condolences to you all. Your mother and grandmother, a truly humble lady, will be missed. I’m here for you during this difficult time. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for anything.

  • Mother is Gold. No matter how many years she had been on earth, separating is very painful. We thank God for her life and the impact the created. Mama ran a good race, fought a good figh and won the crown to heavenly Glory. May her soul find rest in the bosom of her created. Accept my condolences and May God comfort all her family left behind. Adieu Mama Rebecca.

  • A Tribute to My Mother (The Miracle Woman)

    Mami Tong, Grandma Rebecca, may your gentle beloved soul find eternal rest with your maker, the almighty in heaven. I fell short of saying that you are gone too soon, because you did not, you spent a considerable time on this planet earth with us, and for that, we are humbly gratified. Your simplicity, your kindness, your peacefulness, your humility, and your forgiving spirit will live with us, and sustain us forever. I remember when I called you at 12.01AM, on January 1st, 2024, to wish you a happy birthday, the first thing you said was “thanks-be-to-God, I did not know I would see this day”. That should have told me something, but I guess, I was lost in happiness and consumed in the realm of celebrations. If only I knew that on your 93rd birthday, when I sat with you and you kept thanking me repeatedly, you were about to leave us soon, honestly, I still don’t know what I would have said or done. You appeared so full of life, happiness, joy, and appreciative to have seen your 93rd birthday. In your many thank you(s) and appreciation of your life with us, you specifically said, “even if I die today, I know that your all have done your best for me, you all have given me more than I could have ever expected, you all have been there for me, and for that, I am truly grateful”. Furthermore, you said, “you people have done too much for me, I cannot thank you enough”. On that note Florence said, “Why are you thanking us so much, we have not complained that we are tired of taking care of you” You laughed, and said, “I know, but this is something I must say” I then remembered saying that, you have thanked us in the past but today’s was just too much, and we all laughed and went about our business.

    You earned the honorary title of a “Miracle Woman” by your own physicians at the Christiana hospital, who had medically written you out in two occasions, but you miraculously survived them. I remember, 13 years ago, during one of your” life-support” episodes, if I may so call it, I had asked the doctors about your chances of survival from a scale of 0-10, and they both gave me a “0”, chance and further advised me that I only have 72 hours to remove your remains from the hospital premises when it happens, and to begin the search for a funeral home. After that, we graciously celebrated your 80th birthday in the US, your 85th birthday in Cameroon, and again your 90th birthday here in the US. You and your daughter were planning to celebrate your 93rd birthday in April 2024 as you walked to the bathroom with minimal support than usual, a few minutes before your demise. The same doctors have been seeing you for an additional 13 years. When I met with your cardiologist and nephrologist, they both told me that if they have your prognosis in front of them today(that day) in question, based on test results and findings, they would come up with same conclusion of “0” chance of survival. They further said you are a “miracle woman” indeed, which is how you earned the name. REST PEACFULLY.

    We also want to appreciate you for all that you did for us as a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, friend, your daughter’s roommate, and a peace maker. Over the years, you and I spent quality time, you lived the last 32 years of your life here with me, relocating from Virginia, to Maryland, and finally to Delaware where your journey finally ended. I remember our days in the mid-90s when you and I would go to night clubs in Washington DC, watched boxing together, took vacation trips together, before I even got married. You were my mother, my friend, and finally my “wife”, as my father’s successor. Through your health challenges (and many of them of course), I have come to learn and expand on my faith in Christ Jesus, as the ultimate decision maker about one’s life. Medical decisions could be made in considerations with your faith and believe as well. When you came out of a Coma after over one month, it was on Easter Sunday morning, when your daughter held your hands and started to sing “He is Risen and he is alive” you tried to move your lips for the first time to sing along with her, and you slowly recovered from that day onward to 100 percent and 13 years later. Quite an amazing story to know and tell, God is good all the time. I will cherish our memories forever, and may you find rest with your maker until we meet again. I want you to be my mother again, in the next world and/or life if applicable. You are beautiful, and I am blessed!

    Your son and husband,
    Francis Tormen.


    Oh Lord! I knew this day would come one day, and the day came when I heard the trumpet sound! I could not believe that was the hour made by you, Lord! I shouted, Lord. I needed more time, and immediately, I heard a silent voice from within! Florence, I gave your mom 93 years on planet earth! What more time do you want? The Lord says, “Florence, look at me! I gave your Dad 82 years, and I took some of your siblings at their very young ages. Like George, I called him home at 56 years old. Then you still wanted more time for your Mom! Immediately, I turned to my creator in heaven and said, “Thank you, Lord. I will forever be grateful for all you have done for me.

    On January 4th, 2024, just three days after her 93rd birthday, it was my usual routine to go to her bedside and kiss her forehead and ask how her night was! As usual, with her broad and lovely smiles! She said, “in her own words.” I slept so well, and I thank God! She repeated these words twice. I was so pleased and happy with her response. We went back to our daily routine, I checked her blood sugar, and it was 123, and I administered her eye drops. She was scheduled to have an appointment with her home Primary Care Physician (PCP) from Christiana Hospital at 9 am. When I looked at the clock, the time was 7:40am, and her appointment was splattered for 9am, and she then said, “Take me to the bathroom to get my shower before the doctor comes in at 9am.

    The miracle she left with me.
    After assisting her to sit at the side of her bed, we were chatting and laughing, and she was looking so stronger than I could have ever imagined, we were planning to celebrate her 93rd birthday in April, her granddaughter Minette and great granddaughter were to come from Germany, to celebrate with her, and she was so excited about it. She turned to me and said, “Let’s go to the bathroom now.” She stood up with very minimal support than usual, and she requested for her cane. I gave it to her, again, she walked to the bathroom with almost no support from me, than usual, and I could not believe my eyes, I was so impressed because, she had suffered from a stroke for the past three years, she had been trying to walk around the house with the assistance of two people, in some occasions the use of a roller or wheelchair behind her but on this faithful day, she literally walked on her own.

    When she got into the bathroom as our daily routine, she sat on the toilet seat and requested for her toothbrush, I gave her all what she needed and she started brushing her teeth, I was about stepping out of the bathroom to make up her bed when I suddenly turned around to remind her to call me when is done brushing her teeth so I can assist her into the bathtub, she was just staring at me, I came back to her to find out what is the matter, behold, she look straight into my eyes and said, “I AM TIRED” those were her last words! And the last time we ever spoke gain.
    I called her, shouted, and immediately she became unresponsive, I called 911 and called her two grandsons who were home at that time. I was on the telephone with the emergency (911) department, advising me of steps to take until the Paramedics arrived in less than no time and tried to administer intensive CPR measures but to no avail. She was gone. I still can’t believe how fast it all happened, but it did, and that that memory would live with me to eternity.
    The joy she left with me is how peaceful her exit was. To God, be, the Glory.
    Mami Tong, go well and sleep well, my beautiful mother with a heart of gold until we meet again to part no more.
    Farewell, my angel, my best friend, my queen, my all in one. I will always love you!

    Your loving daughter
    Flo Tormen.

  • Rest well Aunty, we thank God for the moments that we shared with you.
    You always welcomed us with open arms whenever we visited in Kumba. That Ogbono soup! No one prepared it better than you. Even my late daddy Chawa loved it.
    We miss you all so much and may your gentle soul rest in peace.

  • Sending my most heartfelt sympathy to your family. ❤❤; My heart goes out to you, and I wish you nothing but comfort and strength. Rest in peace

  • Mammie,
    I know you have not gone forever.Continue to walk beside and guide us every day,even though we will not see you or hear your voice anymore but we know you are watching us.Rest well till we meet again.
    Enokpa Ebai “Plaque” 🙏🏾🙏🏾😢😢