“You Will Never Be Forgotten” - Spicer-Mullikin Funeral Homes & Crematory

“You Will Never Be Forgotten”

The gleaming work of art that brightens a wall at the Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery is called the Tree of Life. It’s six feet high and 90 inches wide. Its trunk is made of solid bronze, and each of its 450 leaves is gold brass. It catches the eye of those who pass by, but it’s much more than just beautiful.

The Tree of Life, which Spicer-Mullikin Funeral Homes & Crematory donated to the Cemetery in Bear, DE last year, is dedicated to the memory of the selfless men and women in our armed forces who served our country. It reminds us of the sacrifices they made and the honor they bestowed on America.  

The plaque next to the Tree reads, “This Tree of Life is in honor and memory of all those who defend our country and our freedom. You will never be forgotten.”

Each leaf on the Tree is four inches wide and will feature the name of a service member being honored. Anyone wishing to honor someone who is currently serving, has served or who has passed away can have the veteran’s name engraved on a leaf so they will always be remembered. Contact Barbara Cooke of the Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery (barbara.cooke@state.de.usor 302-834-8046).

Spicer-Mullikin proudly supports Wounded Warriors and all U.S.military service members and veterans. Honoring our commitment to the military with the Tree of Life was our way of saying, “Thank you.”